Month – September 2013


BANG RADIO HOUR 227: All the bullshit sports news that matters! Getting to the bottom of the Jacoby Jones Sweet Pea sex bus fight with WBRH News, Live on the scene reports from harry Sphincter, Bill Spleen, and Frebby Smoop. Cincinnati Bengals Booster Club President, Angry Browns fan, Sputtering Stephen, Wilfuckenbrady, Dick stockton will kweep […]

The Bang Radio Hour 226

THE BANG RADIO HOUR 226: The Biggest Eagle Fan in the world, Smoking some Peyton Manning, Bradshaw has standards, Richard Sherman might not, Charles Barkley weighs in on Johnny Football, the Mullettes Fantasy show, Jerkin’ around in Seattle, listener email and more

Bang Radio Hour 225

The BANG RADIO HOUR 225 Vernon Davis interv iew, Colin Kaepernick is the most dangerous player in the NFL, Anquan Boldin goes to work, The Buccaneers suck, and an 8 year old kid owns their fans, Brandon Stokely needs a diaper, Chip Kelly wants to hurry, John starts to worry, Kurt Menefee is a big […]

The NEW BANG RADIO HOUR.. Episode 24

Slowly we are entering the 21st century in terms of delivering you the best podcast on the internet. Feel free to leave comments about the show below. EPISODE 224:┬áDonovan McNabbs awful radio show, Aaron Hernandez is an angel dust smoking serial killer, It’s the Falcons says the Other Guy, It’s the Niners says the other […]

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