Bang Radio Hour 225


Vernon Davis interv iew, Colin Kaepernick is the most dangerous player in the NFL, Anquan Boldin goes to work, The Buccaneers suck, and an 8 year old kid owns their fans, Brandon Stokely needs a diaper, Chip Kelly wants to hurry, John starts to worry, Kurt Menefee is a big fat pussy, Not the Falcons redux, the Mullettes fantasy Football Show, and more

2 Replies to “Bang Radio Hour 225”

  1. Kravis

    The segment of Joe Benigno sounding like Matt Millen had me rolling. I’m so happy you guys are still doing the show. Been listing since 05 myself and still love it. Have you guys ever thought about streaming your show recordings live with a chat room? Maybe have some call-in’s? It would be a lot of fun.

  2. Jasper

    I don’t have a facebook so I’ll use this comment section here to let you guys know that this podcast is the best part of football season. I recommend your show to everyone I can. Top notch production. Top notch material. Hands down the best sports show anywhere.

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