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BANG RADIO HOUR 228: Bernie gets arrested and more


FIRST: everyone go to
and cast your vote for The Bang radio Hour in the following categories:
People’s Choice, Best Produced, Comedy, and Sports.
just copy the URL above and paste it in each one where it’s supposed to go.


And then, listen to The Bang Radio Hour 228:
Gettin’ Busted with Bernie Kosar, Big Mama Eagles is at it again, a bubbly addition to the Michael Irvin Sound Effect Library,

Gettin’ high with Marshall, Dick Stockton gets dramatically excited, The Texans choke like dogs and Matt Schaub is a hang-dog loser,

Suggs is on the case, and two free beers with every purchase of this podcast.


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  1. Good thing you clarified which categories to vote in. I was gonna put ya’ll down in the Mature section but then I remembered….I’m on the internet so Mature means something totally different.

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