Bang Radio Hour 249: It’s a Hard Muscle Life

Bang radio Hour podcast 249It’s a Hard Muscle Life
TMZ is the Worst Thing To Ever Happen to the NFL, 88 Dont Need No Preambles, Antonio Brown can snatch pebbles, Shit Talking in the Show League, See the Violence Inherent In The System, Popular fantasies and more!

5 Replies to “Bang Radio Hour 249: It’s a Hard Muscle Life”

    • Bang

      Sorry Julian! Tom Just bought a house and is moving. we’re hoping to be back on the horse by next week.
      You keep clear of that ebola in those Texas hospitals, my man.

      • Julian

        I’m trying. I work in a hospital so it’ll be my luck the first person in San Antonio to have it will end up in the hospital I work at lol

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