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So as many know, we used to do Bang Cartoons. We haven’t got the time to do them anymore unfortunately, and folks keep asking us where to find them.
well, hanks to the magic of the Internet, there is an awesome site that is called TheWayBackMachine.. and it archives websites and their content, and they indeed archived

SO, here is the link to the old cartoon archive.
Bang Cartoons Archive


It loads slow, so be patient, and remember, these are old flash cartoons and likely will not work on your phones or other devices. If you try it on a desktop or a laptop you may be prompted to install or run the flash player. There’s only one that is not there, and it won’t be. If you can guess what it is, great. If not… well maybe i’ll tell you one day. It isn’t anything that got us in trouble, we just took it down out of respect for circumstances that arose.

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