Radio Hour

  • Bang Radio Hour 361: Happy Homemakers

    Pumpkin spice and cider, Carts and things of that nature, Freddy Smoop jail call, Four hats in a trick, No more cheese, Spanish McCaffrey, Dancing DeShaun, and more!

  • Bang Radio Hour 360: Seahorses & Quarterbacks

    Seahorses have no reverse, Jay Gruden Sound Effects, Dirty Vonn Miller dreams, Choking OBJ, Hue Jackson advice for the Redskins, See and Say, Jameth Lofton on Gardner Minthchew, and more!

  • Bang Radio Hour 359: Begging for Mercy

    Mariotta Sacked Again, Baker Bobs and Swirls, Gary Vee Analyzes The Browns, Releasing a Statement, Cam sham, Tuck Tuck Goose, Ohio Mercy, Michigan is garbage, Dolphin Poo and more!

  • Bang Radio Hour 358: Elbow Grease

    Big Ben on the horn, Talking riddles, Baker has no gag reflex, Odell and Gregg, Farting around, Zim knows his place, God speaks, and more!

  • Bang Radio Hour 357: Glory Delayed

    Big Ben retirement, The Browns are who they thought they were, Mess in Miami, MM Consulting, Calling Al and Bob on AB, FingerButter, and more!

  • Bang Radio Hour 356

    Bang Radio Hour 356: Fish Story

    BANG RADIO HOUR 356 (S15 – EP1) Fish Story Statements on statements  |  Freezing with the Fishes  |  Sideline Pumba report  |  Theismann training camp update  |  Jerry on Zeke  |  Dak […]

  • Bang Radio Hour 355: Holding Out

    Holdouts around the world, Preseason hype, Breaking up is hard on Hue and worse on Bob Wylie, Yeah I mean, Hall of Fame Baby Mama Countdown, Irvin vs Stephen A, […]

  • Bang radio Hour 354

    Bang Radio Hour 354: Quote Unquote

    OJ sends his greetings, Chris Long enjoyed the weeeeduh, Killa Kareem high school motivations, Normalcy in Pittsburgh, Gase in your face, Ringing up Bell, and recapping Game of Thrones

  • Bang Radio Hour 353

    Bang Radio Hour 353: It’s Not FAIR!

    NFL draft report, Angry Ashley in Nashville, Bronco Billy comes up for air, Sentenced to a century of sadness, Giants fans melting down, Over-excitement in Cleveland, Bryce Harper destroys the […]

  • Robert Kraft

    Bang Radio Hour 352: Bob Goes Whorin’

    SPECIAL REPORT: Kraft processed cheese featuring Expert Analysis from Jerry Jones Sheriff Bart top five ways to fix the NFL Megan gets in trouble Trading ODell Brown update News and […]

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