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  • Bang Radio Hour 348

    Bang Radio Hour 348: Bear Down

    Doinks for God, Nuttin but Mennalairs, Fishing with Jerry, Supervillain Upgrades, Pressuring Chargers Fans, Losing bets, NoOoOOo, and more!

  • Bang Radio Hour

    Retro Mini-Cast: Furious Fan Fare

    Oh my GOD YO, Get out, There does not apear to be any penalty markers, Peyton Manning is a white fella and more!

  • Bang radio Hour 286: Heavenly Raider

    Bang Radio Hour 286: Heavenly Raider

    Al the Angry Angel, Jeff and the Celeb-sniffing Rams, Dickerson gets banned and Snoop gets upset,  DakDaddy,  Punching Donte, One Harbaugh cries, One Harbaugh tries, Sexy Vonn update and more!

  • NFL Picks sand Predictions week 2


    And now from a re-enforced bunker high over downtown Mooseknuckle, the OFFICIAL BANG RADIO HOUR NFL week 2 Picks and Predictions. Disclaimer: Go ahead, use these for gambling purposes. We’re […]

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