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  • Bang Radio Hour 348

    Bang Radio Hour 348: Bear Down

    Doinks for God, Nuttin but Mennalairs, Fishing with Jerry, Supervillain Upgrades, Pressuring Chargers Fans, Losing bets, NoOoOOo, and more!

  • Bang Radio Hour 306

    Bang Radio Hour 306: A Loth is a Loth

    Russell Impaled, Thteelerth Thuck, She Just Dont Understand, Put that Camera On Me, Hue Tries Harder Again, Next Object Up, Hungarian Trick Plays, Cutler Sucks and more!

  • NFL Picks sand Predictions week 2


    And now from a re-enforced bunker high over downtown Mooseknuckle, the OFFICIAL BANG RADIO HOUR NFL week 2 Picks and Predictions. Disclaimer: Go ahead, use these for gambling purposes. We’re […]

  • Bang Radio Hour 264

    Bang Radio Hour 264: Touring the Controcity

    Tom tours the Controcity, Jerry has comments, Costas gets preachy, Sully on the Seahawks, RayRay Kirk-Rap, Bill Bellichick hands out grades, death rays, doomsday devices and more!

  • Bang Radio Hour 254

    BANG RADIO HOUR 254: Soft Squishy Balls

    Episode 254: Boston Harbor is full of Zillas, ODell makes her resum√©, ¬†Divine Drama Queen intervention, Soft squishy balls, The No Fondling League, Packers gag, Australian field trip, suing for […]

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