The NEW BANG RADIO HOUR.. Episode 24



Slowly we are entering the 21st century in terms of delivering you the best podcast on the internet. Feel free to leave comments about the show below.

EPISODE 224:┬áDonovan McNabbs awful radio show, Aaron Hernandez is an angel dust smoking serial killer, It’s the Falcons says the Other Guy, It’s the Niners says the other Other Guy, Jerry Jones and his Amazing 40 year old brain, Namedropping with Regis Philbin and his exciting underpants, Johnny Football is a dick, Streaker practice, and more

2 Replies to “The NEW BANG RADIO HOUR.. Episode 24”

  1. Adam Bollinger

    just wanted to break in the new comment section. site looks good, new show is great and im looking forward to another season of laughing my ass off. go seahawks!!

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